Parish Bulletin / Boletin Parroquial

Weekly Bulletin 

Overflow parking / Additional parking : When visiting Holy Cross Catholic Church on weekends you can also use the parking lot located on 2533 McGill St (State Farm building.)​

Parish Office Hours / Horario de la Oficina Parroquial:

Monday thru Thursday 10am to 4pm. Closed 12pm to 1pm.

Lunes a Jueves 10am a 4pm. Cerrado de 12pm a 1pm.



Mass Schedule
Sunday Mass:

+ Saturday Vigil - 5pm

+ Spanish Mass - Saturday 7pm
+ Sunday: 8am & 10:30am
Weekday Mass: Tuesday thru Friday 9am

Holy Days: As announced in the bulletin (see link to the 

bulletin at the bottom of this page)

Confessions: Saturday from 3pm until 4pm


* The Sacrament of Confession is an opportunity to seek forgiveness and to express our sorrow for our sins. Going to confession is a healing experience for our souls. In confession, God restores and renews our lives. What a great gift from the Lord! Let us go with confidence to confession. The Sacrament of Confession is offered Saturday 3pm-4pm in the Office of Religious Education. Come early to church and go to Confession with the priest so that we can be spiritually healed through the Mercy of God, and be well prepared for Mass to receive the Lord in Holy Communion.

* When we line up to receive Holy Communion it is a time to meditate on the Lord's Real Presence in the Eucharist. It is a time to pray and to give thanks to God for feeding us with His very self, His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.
When you are in line for Communion, use that time to pray and meditate on what the Lord is doing for us in the Eucharist. After you receive Holy Communion remain in the church, give thanks to the Lord, and wait for the final blessing. People can leave the church only after the priest has walked down the aisle.​

* Visitors and parishioners: When you come to Mass at Holy Cross Church please take your seat on the first pews, that is to say, as you come in to the church begin seating from up front all the way to the back pews. We want to avoid distractions during the celebration of Mass. For families with small children, we offer a small room and the Family Life Room in the rear of the church for their convenience. Ask the ushers to direct you to these places. We want the Sunday Mass to be a prayerful encounter with the Lord Jesus.

En Espanol / in Spanish:
* Visitantes y feligreses: Cuando vengan a la Misa en la Iglesia Santa Cruz por favor tomen sus asientos en los primeros puestos, es decir, a medida que ustedes entren en la iglesia empiecen a ocupar los puestos de adelante hasta llenar los ultimos asientos. Queremos evitar distracciones durante la celebracion de la Misa. Para las familias con ninos pequenos ofrecemos un pequeno cuarto y el Salon Familiar en la parte de atras de la iglesia para su comodidad. Pregunta a los ujieres para que los guien a estos lugares. Queremos que la Misa Dominical sea un encuentro orante con el Senor Jesus.

* Las confesiones se realizan en el confesionario ubicado en la Oficina de Educacion Religiosa (Religious Education Office.) Las confesiones Sabado 3pm-4pm.